Apple and other technology stocks hit a new high, and US stocks continued to rise strongly

According to today’s latest news report, the technology stocks of US stocks have been rising continuously, maintaining a strong upward momentum. Now, the technology stocks of apple and other US stocks have reached a new high. With the continuous rise of technology stocks, the market value of apple and other technology companies has also made new breakthroughs. Please read the detailed report with editor.

Recently, US technology stocks continued to rise strongly. The NASDAQ index rose 1.2% at the beginning of the trading day. At the same time, apple, Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Tesla, NVIDIA and other enterprises reached new heights.

At the opening of today’s trading, apple opened 3.50% higher, and its share price reached 514.79 US dollars, which broke through 500 US dollars smoothly. By the time of publication, the market value of Apple has reached 2.16 trillion US dollars.

Amazon’s stock price soared to $3380.32, or 2.11%, at 9:30 local time, with a market value of $1.67 trillion.

Google opened at $1592.47, up 2.07% to $1608.28, with a market value of $1.08 trillion at the time of publication.

Alibaba opened HK $261.00 today, with its share price at HK $266.00, up 4.59% as of the time of publication, with a market value of HK $5.67 trillion and US $746.709 billion

Tesla opened $2126.28 today, up 4% at one time, but then fell slowly. As of press release, Tesla has reported a decline.

NVIDIA opened today at $515.35, with a maximum of $516.50, with a market value of $31453 billion as of publication

In summary, Microsoft opened $214.79 today, reaching $215.15 by the time of publication, and will return to its 52 week high of $217.64.

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