The standard & Poor’s 500 index and the Nasdaq composite index hit a record high, and Apple’s share price broke through $500

On Monday, US novel coronavirus pneumonia index closed down, the standard & Poor’s 500 index and Nasdaq composite index hit a new high, and the market sentiment was affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

The Dow Jones index rose 378.13 points, or 1.35%, to 28308.46; the standard & Poor’s 500 index closed at 3431.28, up 1.00%, a record high, and closed above 3400 for the first time; the Nasdaq composite index closed at 11379.72, up 0.60%, also a new high.

Specifically, in the U.S. stock market on Monday, most of the leading tech stocks rose, with Apple’s share price closing at $503.43, up 1.20%, Google’s parent company alphabet, up 0.49% to $1588.20, Amazon to $3307.46, up 0.69%, Microsoft to $213.69, up 0.31%, Facebook to $271.39, up 1.64%, Oracle to $56.01, up 1.20% 49%; IBM closed at $125.68, up 2.05%; Netflix closed at $488.81, down 0.71%; Tesla closed at $2014.20, down 1.75%; twitter rose 3.13%, Uber rose 0.68%; LYFT rose 0.17%.

The leading chip stocks in US stocks generally rose, with TSMC up 0.71% to US $78.90, NVIDIA to US $508.81, up 0.29%, Intel to US $49.14, down 0.28%, Broadcom to US $334.00, up 1.21%, Qualcomm to US $115.91, up 2.58%, Texas Instruments to us $141.02, up 0.49%, AMD to US $83.08, down 0.87%, and applied materials Materials companies rose 2.36%; Meguiar technology rose 2.58%.

Major Chinese stocks listed in the United States generally rose, with Netease closing at $492.89, up 1.63%, Alibaba at 276.02, 3.84%, Jingdong at 76.18, 1.60%, Baidu at 122.88, pinduoduo at 83.16, down 1.00%, bilibilibili at 46.12, up 1.51%, tal at 74.56, up 0.63%; Iqiyi rose 2.31% to $19.46, followed by Xuexue to $87.50, down 3.06%, Weibo to $34.79, up 2.96%, Sina up 1.97%, Sohu up 3.91%, Sogou up 0.81%, Ctrip up 1.64%, 51job up 0.82%, car home up 1.49%, 58 cities up 0.02%, Weilai up 6.02%, Jinshan cloud down 2.48%, ideal car up 13.78%.

As the US novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment has made positive progress, the share price of airlines and cruise operators has risen. United Airlines and American Airlines rose more than 9%; Norwegian Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruises rose 7.6% and 4.7% respectively.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases on Monday were the only reason for the US stock market to rise. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, earlier this month, more than 64000 new crowns were confirmed in a single day in the United States, but more than 49000 cases have been added in a single day. On Sunday, fewer than 37000 new cases were confirmed in the United States, according to data.

“I think there may be some interesting changes to the epidemic in the coming weeks or months,” Tom Lee, research director at market research firm fundstrat global advisors, said in a report. I think it is entirely possible that the number of new coronal cases in the United States will drop to less than 10000 in September. “

“The United States will soon become one of the safest places in the world,” he said. If that’s true, capital will also flow to the US, which means share prices will rise further. “

A novel coronavirus pneumonia emergency use authorization was issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last Sunday, which uses plasma donated by patients who have recovered.

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Trump, President of the United States, said at a news conference on Sunday that the death rate of the new crown pneumonia was reduced by 35%.

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